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Welcome to the largest UK dogging community. Here you will find many adult swingers personals from UK and the whole world looking for fun, group swinging, outdoor sex , bukkuke, and other alternative adult activities! You will encounter a friendly and relaxed atmosphere along with an opportunity to meet thousands of like-minded adults, engage in outdoor sex with new partners, and be invited to doggers parties.


What is dogging

Dogging is a term that is widely used to describe a variety of sexual activities outdoors. Dogging is closely associated with voyeurism and swinging as this activity sometimes may involve swapping partners and attract observers. Where the term originated from? Among a large number of versions the most probable seems the one saying "dogging" comes from the alibi of "walking the dog" used as an excuse for an evening's absence.

Dogging started in the UK and in a short time spread across the world. The most common and widely practiced kind of dogging is a "car park sex". Today approximately 60% of parks in the UK are used by doggers for meetings.


Doggers usually arrange their meetings through public sex sites and message boards in the Internet that spread in the last few years. Today dogging sites provide adults from different cities and rural areas with many opportunities to find sexual encounters and organize public sex sessions: people exchange photos, talk by video chats, post in forums and send text messages to each other.

Dogging involves not just a sexual act with one or more partners somewhere outdoors. Doggers often use their cameras and mobile phones to record their meetings. Today you may find lots of adult videos and pictures on outdoor sex sites in the Internet.

Etiquette & Laws

Find below some easy tips on how to behave when at a dogging place:

  • Dogging is a fun and a social activity. It's not acceptable to be rude and/or push somebody into sexual action unless he/she wants it. Remember the golden rule "No Means No".
  • If you are a watcher make sure a couple wants to be watched. A flash of the interior light and/or a rolled down window may serve as signals of invitation. Sometimes you may be asked to join the action. However you’d better to keep your distance unless the couple invites you.
  • Remember of a safe sex. Always use condom. Keep yourself clean. It should be a common sense.
  • If you are a newbie and want to start dogging check our some online communities and special sites first. A good idea is to talk with some experienced doggers to learn the ropes. On our site you will find veterans of outdoor sex willing to share their thoughts and tips on how and where to start. Many of our members regularly arrange parties and meetings so it's a good opportunity for you to get invited.

003 Sex Act - Section 66 : Exposure

  1. A person commits an offence if -
    • he intentionally exposes his genitals, and
    • he intends that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress.
  2. A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable -
    • on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both;
    • on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.

Under Section 66, doggers are at risk of the law if it is their intention to cause alarm or distress to members of the public. So, if you take reasonable precautions to make sure that you are well out of public view, you should be fine. Essentially, this means only go dogging at night, away from residential areas and well away from the major carparks where anyone could turn up. If you use the carparks as a general meeting area, then move on to a more discreet location to play, you're taking steps to ensure no one is offended. There is also the section 67: Voyerism.

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The most known UK outdoor sex locations

Having completed a simple and FREE registration on our site you will learn where in your area you may enjoy car park sex. Here we offer some popular UK locations.

  • London

    Kenton, north of Wembley NW9
    Barn Hill recreation area. There are usually many people in cars afternoon. You may find young Asians. Generally watchers are welcome.

    Tesco car park, very popular among the locals.

    The Scratchwood open space car park.

  • Yorkshire

    Cawthorne Park, in the Car Park. All sorts of outdoor fun to be had nightly in this great spot. However watch out for police and dog walkers.

  • Hampshire

    New Forest
    Verely and Verely Hill are very popular for dogging. First Car Park on left is Verely and a few yards past, on the right is the more screened Verely Hill. You would better turn off your headlights so people don't think you're unaware of what is going on.

  • Birmingham

    Ackers Trust Ski Centre
    The 70 acre semi-rural site located just 2 miles from Birmingham City Centre.

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