UK Public Sex Contacts Site

Haven't you ever imagined you and your partner having public sex? This is a very common fantasy. Every day many couples in the world commit sexual acts in public places. However the largest amount of outdoor sex lovers seems to live in the UK.

Public sex includes a wide range of sexual activities outdoors. It may refer to dogging, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Swinging sometimes may be considered a outdoor sex as well since in some clubs (on-premise clubs) swingers may have sex and being watched if they like.

Most Common Public Locations

Today sex in public has become a widespread adult fun in the UK and worldwide. People perform sex in cars, elevators, airplane restrooms, beaches, and even libraries. Why do couples choose public sex? The most common answer is that the risk of being seen increases sexual desire. That's why some couples engage in sex in such places like phone booths, dance clubs, elevators, airplanes, trains. In a few last years people began recording their open-air fun on cameras and mobile phones.

Car parks are the most common places UK couples choose for public sex. There is even a term "car park sex" when couples arrive in a car to a park known as a dogging locations in order to have intercourse at risk of being seen. The interior light turned on usually serves as a signal of their desire to be watched when having sex. The other side of public sex is voyeurism. Voyeurists are the people who prefer to observe others having sex in public places. Usually they ramble in known dogging locations in the evenings waiting for some couples.

Public sex in the Internet

A significant number or sites dedicated to public sex reflect adults' interest to this kind of sexual activity. Today for many adults the Net is a very easy and convenient way to engage into dogging. A plenty of doggers sites offer outdoor sex photo and video galleries, information about dogging parties and events. There are adult forums and chat where the people interested in dogging may share their experience or arrange meeting with doggers.

It seems that UK dogging sites occupy a leading position among the other sites dedicated to public sex. UK doggers use them on a routine basis when looking for some adult fun outdoors.

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