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Usually women are less likely to introduce the idea of wife sharing to their husbands or boyfriends. They are also less likely to be the first one who is interested in trying the lifestyle. Emotional commitment in relationships plays in general a far bigger role in a woman’s life than in a man’s. A woman is less likely to chat only because of she is bored with sex with her primary partner. Husband’s idea to explore swinging may cause anxiety in her soul first. However females like and need variety in their sexual life as well. If you wish to make your woman go into partner swapping you would better probably to stress the importance of emotional commitment and mutual trust in swinging. In wife swapping your primary partner’s pleasure and feelings must be your primary concern. Tell her that it’s not about cheating and that you wish you both to enjoy the Lifestyle. Probably your wife is bi or bi-curious? There are lots of couples on the swingers scene with bi-curious females so your woman won’t get bored. Indeed it’s a great chance for her to explore this side of her sexuality!